Some people do not have time to stay online too often, and thus have minimal chance to RP in client. Therefore, there will be a section for "Forum" RP here on the Wiki, where anybody can RP, and there will be different sections for different kinds of RP, like Fights and Daily Life. This way, event those without IMVU access on mobile, those who cannot frequently RP, or simply those who prefer Forum RP stlye can all RP and enjoy themselves in NFARP. These sections are editable so that you can RP at your leisure, without going to an Admin for each post. You can NOT edit a post after it has been posted. Outsiders cannot edit anything within the RP of another person. And most importantly, if anybody, outsider or participant in the RP, alters the post of an opponent, they will be perminantly banned from NFARP. If you believe someone has done any of the above, please contact me, MakotoOfTheSixPaths, and it will be sorted out. To ensure that such things are able to be caught, please save each post that you make, as well as each post the opponent makes as soon as it is made, using some kind of text editor. That way, if such things come into question, they can be sorted out much easier. As a further precaution, I will also save any posts I find when checking the Wiki daily, so as to ensure that nobody falsifies a previous post in attempt to have their opponent punished.

Roleplay Types

Frequent Roleplayers - Fights

Frequent Roleplayers - Daily Life

Frequent Roleplayers - Training

Non-Frequent Roleplayers - Fights

Non-Frequent Roleplayers - Daily Life

Non-Frequent Roleplayers - Training