In this section, those who frequently roleplay can create and link new pages for any non-combat RP they wish to have. One page per RP session. For those that do not know how to create a new page, there is a drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the Wiki that says "Contribute". Within it, there is an option to "Add a Page". You can setup the page in whatever format you wish, so that it is more comfortable to RP in it. After creating the page, return here and press "Edit" on the "Roleplay Navigation" section, then in the top-left of the Edit Menu, click the chain link icon, then paste the link for the page you just created, and then name it according to the event. (ex. Meeting the Neighbors - 1) The number will pertain to how many times you have done such an event, so for each following event under the same name, such as in an event series, you will increase the number to account for that. Be sure to include your name in the Title so that navigation is more organized, so as to avoid confusion.

Roleplay NavigationEdit