Indra Nakamura

Character name: Indra Nakamura

Alias(s): Raven of the Sound/ Ni-Jyu Kenjutsushi.

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Birthday: October 31

Blood Type: AB

Height: 6'0

Weight: 195lb

Notable Features: Odd colored eyes.

Family Members: None

Personality: Despite his outward demeanor; cold, distant and dejected. Indra is a very absent individual, often underestimating his own power; an act of character that often finds him in odd situations. His adsence isn't to be confused as ignorance or stupidity in fact its the opposite. Considered to be highly intelligent among the shinobi world he simply chooses to see the world in a certain light. Indra blissfully ignores the limitations of those around him; he doesn't allow them to use their flaws and weaknesses as crutches to prevent them from progressing. As kage he maintains high expectations for his citizens.

Affiliations: Otogakure

Place of Birth: Otogakure

Occupation: Otokage

Village Rank: Kage

Team(s): None.

Former Team(s): None.

Student(s): None as of yet.

Former Student(s): None

Sensei or Mentor(s): Unknown.

Former Sensei or Mentor(s): Unknown. Personal Goal: To spread the prosperity and wealth of his village to the world. Ninja Academy Enrollment Age: 7

Genin Promotion Age: 10

Chuunin Promotion Age: 11

Jounin Advancement Age: 14

Appectance of Kage: 18 Animal Summoning(s): Raven/ Snake

Chakra Natures:

20110705101102!100px-Nature Icon Wind

Futon [Mastered] - The base nature for his sound release Indra is a learned master of its fickle nature.

Wind Release: Wind Platform

Wind Release: Song of the Wind God

Wind Release: Verdant mountain gale

Wind Release: Vacuum Blade

Wind Release: Heavenly dance of the wind god

Wind Release: Whisper of the wind god

Wind Release: Scattering bone bullets

Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere 

Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves 

Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

Wind Release: Vacuum Wave 

Wind Release: Petal Dust Dance 

Wind Release: Pressure Damage 

Nature Icon Sound

Neton [Mastered] - The Sound Release are offensive-type techniques that allow the user to manipulate their yin/yang and wind chakra-natures to manipulate and alter sound and soundwaves. Users can do anything from walls of sound to throwing their voices.

Sound Release: Carnage Anthem

Sound Release: Echo

Sound Release: Nerve breaker technique

Sound Release: Shatter

Sound Release: Song of Rage

Sound Release: Song of Realization

Sound Release: Song of Recovery

Sound Release: Song of Redemption

Sound Release: Song of Release

Sound Release: Sound Barrier

Sound Release: Sound Wave

Sound Release: Ventriloquism  Symphony of the End

Sound Release: Bass Canon

Sound Release: Sound Dome Explosion

Sound Release: Crushing Shockwave

Sound Release illusion: Needle Melody Raven's Lullaby Nevermore

Fighting Style: 

Taijutsu - Baji-Quan



Summoning Technique






6 Kunai - 3 armed with Paper bombs and 3 armed with Seals that when activated produce 100 Real Kunai's.

4 Smoke Bombs.

1 Poison gas Bomb.

1 Chakra Blade.

10 Senbon.

4 Food Pills.

30 meter coil of wire.

5 Paper Bombs. 20 Katana - all held within a case.

Hobbies: Sun bathing. Playing the ocarina. Eating teriyaki flavored food. Sushi. Dango with bean paste and green tea

Likes: Relaxing. Reading.

Dislikes: Ignorance.

Special Locations: Ravens tree/ Snake Den


Otogakure, is a village truly hidden among the sound. Growing up on the southern island a child’s informative years were spent submerging themselves in the natural ambiance of the semi-tropical landscape. Indra Nakamura spent most of his adolescents memorizing the various melodies the local song birds graced the veritable paradise. The boy was always a quick study and had a stamina that well surpassed his peers; Indra was capable of understanding complex jutsu and fighting styles on a purely theoretical level. Despite knowing most basic jutsu inside and out he had difficulties managing them practically. A set back that kept him from barely leaving the academy; luckily he overcame such a trivial thing in his time as a genin. His time with each rank before being promoted seemed to come and go in a blur; the only truly significant event was the contract he formed with the Ravens of the Raven tree deep within dark oak sanctum. Other than that Indra really couldn’t recall any other memories; not that they weren’t there but just held no importance. Later in life he was named the Otokage of the village and as such underwent years of conditioning; like all Otokage before him he was required to not only master the Neton release but also had to make a summoning contract with snakes. Such a silly tradition really, a tradition Indra was passionate about changing during his time as Kage; even if the changes were only miniscule.  During the earlier years as Otokage Indra was tasked in leading small untis of his shinobi. The goal was to settle small territorial squabbles on small nearby islands; ultimately ending with more land for his District to the south of mainland. The population of O’uzu Island and it’s small offshore islands lived peaceful lives and for the most part enjoyed having Indra as their leader; a fair man he soon wished to share this prosperity and wealth with neighboring districts.