The Jounin Exam will consist of 3 stages. Each stage will be a simulation of different mission types.

Stage One: Infiltration. During this stage, a Chuunin Applicant will be tasked with infiltrating a camp and gathering correct information. Inside will be normal citizenry, shinobi, and disguised shinobi. The applicant will have to blend in with the populace, find the shinobi/disguised shinobi that are talking about the correct information, and bring that information back to the Kage without being discovered. To make it harder, there will be several groups of people that will be discussing information, but will be false information to prevent the real plan from being discovered. Essentially, the Chuunin Applicant must do the work of a detective to figure out the proper information.


Stage Two: Ambush. Using the information gained in the previous stage, the Chuunin Applicant must ambush the enemy and eliminate them single-handedly.


Stage Three: Spar. The Chuunin Applicant must spar against a current Jounin. As in the Chuunin Exams, the Applicant does not have to win the match to be promoted, however their combat prowess is the main focus, unlike the Chuunin Exam. Killing your opponent is not allowed. If you kill your opponent, you will be stripped of your rank and must live from then on as a non-shinobi citizen. The reason being that Jounin are valuable assets to the shinobi world, especially in times of war.