Too many RP groups have fallen due to drama. Drama will NOT be tolerated of any sort or fashion. We understand that people have feelings they wish to tell another person, or you just want to call someone out, but it will NOT be within the RP room. They must be resolved in a PC or Inbox messages. You will have 2 chances if you start drama. First, if a minor case of drama, you will receive a warning. { First question. What is your favorite Naruto character? } EVERYONE will receive the same one. There will be no favorites. On the second minor offense, you will be suspended from the RP for 1 week. (Please see the Third Law of Absolute Laws: Out of Character for the details on this suspension.) By this we mean you will be banned from the room, from role-playing within the group, etc. No exceptions. If you continue to start drama or continue to add to it (By this we mean that you may not have started it but you are dragging it out and/or are continuing to be a part of it.) within the room you will be removed from the group and banned, then added to the blacklist. Also, on the first of any major drama offense, you will not receive a warning, but be immediately banned. If anyone has a problem with this policy then leave now, we have no need for your drama starting habits. { Second question. Please tell us the name of your favorite anime or manga. if you don't have one just say so as your answer. } There are many other RP's out there. If you cannot abide by the rules we have set then our RP is not for you. No excuses no exceptions.

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