Character Name: Zukamiri Tokimimo

Alias(es): Zuka

Name Meaning:

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Birthday: 8/17/235FA

Blood Type: O

Height: 4'10

Weight: 98

Appearance: He has a pale complexion, dark red hair. A rather sharp and intelligent look despite his age. Pretty much just like my avatar when rping this character.

Notable Features:

Family Members: Mother and father, unknown names and unknown if there are other family members

Personality: Distant from others, focused

Affiliations: Morigakure

Place of Birth: Unknown


Village Rank: Genin

Team(s): None

Former Team(s): None

Student(s): None

Former Student(s): None

Sensei or Mentor(s): None

Former Sensei or Mentor(s): None

Personal Goal: Find parents

Ninja Academy Enrollment Age: 8

Genin Promotion Age: 10

Chuunin Promotion Age:

Jounin Advancement Age:

Animal Summoning(s):

Special Battle Modes:

Chakra Natures: Fire

Body flicker
Passing fang
Fire Release: Great Fireball

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu Taijutsu

Weapons: Claws, kunai

Hobbies: Practicing, exploring, and every so often playing.

Likes: sweet candy, sea food, and silence.

Dislikes: Boredom, inactivity, chocolate

Beliefs/Philosophies: No short cuts, Full effort into everything, never give up.

Special Locations: A rather large cave with a small entrance hidden beneath some bushes a little bit out of town

Background: Zukamiri grew up in a small village orphanage, his parents had left him on the orphanage doorsteps wrapped up with a scroll that couldn't be opened, and a note that said he should go and find them when he was strong enough to open the scroll. At a rather young age he learned to read and began to study the ninja way, he had trouble with the use of shurikens and such but chakra came far easier to him. At the age of 8 he went to the main village and joined the academy, there he learned how to use claws and shurikens a little better, and was at the very top of his class when it came to using chakra, though because of his focus on studies and rather young age he wasn't really able to make many friends besides for some of the girl students who treated him like a little brother from time to time. This had caused him to become a loner and usually go out to the woods to train and play by himself, he really didnt mind the solitude it was actually rather peaceful. This is how he spent his Academy days until he took the exams which he easily passed the chakra portion but had a little trouble on the shuriken and kunai portion, but all in all he was able to pass and he happily hugged the sealed scroll and celebrated to himself being one step closer to his goal.